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JUpload - a Browser-Independent Client-side Upload Applet
Just like XUpload, JUpload is a client-side upload agent that provides features not found in traditional HTML form-based uploading. However, being a Java applet, JUpload also provides something XUpload lacks - browser independence. We have put together a live demo page (see below) you can use to upload a few files to our server using JUpload.

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JUpload features include:

  • Compatibility with multiple browsers and platforms.
  • Both file upload and download functionality.
  • Multiple file selection.
  • Recursive directory selection.
  • Progress bar.
  • "Time remained" indicator.
  • Redirects a browser to another page upon completion of an upload.
  • Allows a pre-set list of file names.
  • Sets a default directory for file selection.
  • Sets custom file filters for the "Select Files" dialog.
  • Sets a limit on file number, size and extension before an upload begins.
  • Includes Last Modified date information with files being uploaded.
  • Can be embedded in a page or appear in a separate window.
  • Handles authentication and SSL.
  • Collects and uploads values from non-file form items.
  • ... and more.

What's New in JUpload 2.4.3
  • Contains a workaround for a bug introduced by JRE 1.6_24.

What's New in JUpload 2.4.1
  • Support for JRE 1.6_10 and 1.6_11.
  • Improved support for Firefox 3.0.x for MAC.
  • Improved support for Google Chrome.
  • A preview panel in the Select Files dialog to preview graphic files.
  • The startTransfer method is enhanced to work better with Firefox on MAC, and from modal dialogs on Windows.
  • A new parameter, SelectFileDialogClosedEventHandler, to handle the Select Files dialog closing event.
  • Support for UTF-8 encoding for text form items.

What's New in JUpload 2.4 (Released on 6/17/2008)
  • Firefox 1.5.x on MAC OS X and Windows broke some of the LiveConnect functionality, so this release fixes the problems with sending forms, cookies, rendering a result page, redirecting, crashing, and using FinalURL parameter. To avoid potential problems with other browsers in the future, the same fix has been applied to all other browsers. As a result, the presense of the following javascript function is now required on all the pages that host the JUpload applet:

    function jupload_result(result_html)
    window.setTimeout(function() {;
    }, 1000);

    For your convenience, this function is placed in a separate script file, jupload_required.js. This script should be referenced in all pages hosting JUpload as follows:

    <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="jupload_required.js"></script>

  • Fixes a JDownload issue with incorrect handling of a proxy when used in intranet applications.
  • Added support for JRE 1.6.x (6.x) (fixes issues with proxy detection.)
  • Fixes an issue with hiding file list window.
  • Adds new parameter DNDOverrideEnabled to let clients enable drag & drop even if custom buttons are used.
  • Fixes JDownload file caching issue in non-socket mode.
  • Added a new parameter DNDOverrideEnabled.

"Do I still need AspUpload?"
Yes, at least in classic ASP. JUpload is a client-side Java applet that sends files to the server. AspUpload is a server component that resides on the web server and captures the uploaded files. While AspUpload can be used without JUpload (if files are uploaded using an HTML form), JUpload requires AspUpload in classic ASP to capture uploaded files. In .NET, the built-in PostedFile object can be used instead.
Licensing & Pricing
Like XUpload, JUpload is licensed per-server. The single server license is $200.00, and the Enterprise license $400.00.

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Check Out the JUpload Live Demo!
Want to see JUpload in action now? We have put together a live demo that enables you to upload files from your local machine to our server. Home Page Copyright © 1998 - 2013 Persits Software, Inc.
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