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What is AspUpload?

AspUploadĀ® is a server component that allows your web application to capture files uploaded with a browser in as little as 2 lines of ASP script. With AspUpload, files up to 4 GB can be uploaded while only consuming a tiny amount of RAM on the server. The files can be uploaded to disk, memory or the database of your choice. The user can monitor upload progress and time-remaining information via a built-in HTML-based progress bar.

AspUpload's remarkable robustness and extensive feature set has made it the upload solution of choice for tens of thousands of web sites around the world.

AspUpload Features

AspUpload supports an HTML progress bar, uploads to memory and database, file encryption, ability to modify file permissions and attributes, image type and size extraction, one-way hash function computation of uploaded files, ability to put a limit on the size of uploaded files, secure file downloading, directory listing and many other features.

AspUpload can be used in conjunction with AspEmail in a Web-based email application to upload file attachments. It can also be used together with AspJpeg to upload and resize images, and with AspEncrypt to encrypt/decrypt files as they are being uploaded/downloaded.

What's New

Nov 11, 2020 AspUpload Service Release Available
AspUpload's image identification module responsible for populating the UploadedFile properties ImageType, ImageWidth and ImageHeight has been expanded to include yet another image format, WEBP.
Aug 17, 2020 AspUpload Service Release Available
The service release fixes a bug in the DecryptAndSendBinary method responsible for incorrectly decrypting files which size is divisible by 10,000.
Feb 12, 2014 AspUpload Service Release Available
This service release fixes a bug introduced by the Service Release causing the pop-up progress bar to malfunction in some cases.